Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Monkey on a plane....

… and Samuel Jackson is nowhere to be found.  I heard about this driving to work this morning.  Here’s the story:

Pygmy_MarmosetMan smuggles monkey aboard NYC bound plane

A man smuggled a monkey onto an airplane Tuesday, stashing the furry fist-size primate under his hat until passengers spotted it perched on his ponytail, an airline official said.

The monkey escapade began in Lima, Peru, late Monday, when the man boarded a flight to Fort Lauderdale, said Spirit Airlines spokeswoman Alison Russell. After landing Tuesday morning, the man waited several hours before catching a connecting flight to LaGuardia Airport.

During the flight, people around the man noticed that the marmoset, which normally lives in forests and eats fruit and insects, had emerged from underneath his hat, Russell said.

"Other passengers asked the man if he knew he had a monkey on him," she said.

The monkey spent the remainder of the flight in the man's seat and behaved well, said Russell, who didn't know how it skirted customs and security.

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Anonymous said...

DON'T tell the terrorists! They'll start strapping explosives on marmosets and sneaking them on airplanes.

Anonymous said...

Are you refering Samuel Jackson to a monkey?

Jonco said...

Nope. Samuel Jackson was in Snakes on a Plane.... but apparently wasn't on this flight.