Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sav Rocca - Welcome to the NFL

Roca, a Philadelphia Eagles punter gets his clock cleaned by a cheapshot in his first game.



Anonymous said...

"a little different from Aussie football" obviously not seen AFL then! That hit is a big hit but AFL player get hit all the time! No pads no helmets, all courage and guts!
Watch this one:


Anonymous said...

The commentator was right, that was a cheap shot and was "garbage". What's a kicker got to do with the play after he's made his kick? Nothing at all. He might as well have been sitting on the turf counting the grass.

The good thing was, the kicker was a tough guy and took the junk hit with class. He didn't get angry, he even laughed about it afterwards. Which probably really insulted the jerk that tried to take him down.

Anonymous said...

I love watching the UFC, this however is supposed to be football, not UFC. This bum who made that hit should be seeked out all season by every team and have his clock cleaned repeatedly until he learns that that was unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

In the words of Sav at the press conference ... 'If thats the best he's got, good luck to him'

Anonymous said...

That Ravens player should be fined. His hit was illegal, and he was using his helmet as a weapon to broadside a player. Against all rules, and unsportsmanlike too. I would kick him off my team if he was my player.

Woozie said...

Ooooh, he got jacked up.