Tuesday, May 28, 2002

What's wrong with this picture?
See if you can figure it out. Some say there is a ghost in it.
See if you can find it.

Monday, May 27, 2002

Beer Butt Chicken Recipe
Here it is folks, cram a tall one up a chick's butt, grill it, and you've got Beer Butt Chicken.

2000 Uses for WD-40
Just what the title says. You would have never guessed some of these. WD-40

The worlds smallest website
Enough said. Take me there now.

Kids in the inner city can't afford the cutting edge in scooters.
For them, there's the Ghetto Scooter.

Too hip to be cut?
Here is a list of "uncut" celebrities. Lots of info on circumcision, or "genital integrity" here. (Just in case you were wondering.) No, I don't want to see documentation.
Their tag line: "A trombone can play more notes than a bugle."

Make your own lava lamp.
Directions are here at oozinggoo.com

Wanna hook your lawn chair up to some helium baloons and go cloud hopping?
Here's how.