Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hamburger heaven

20050517ParisEverything you ever wanted to know about hamburgers…recipes, ratings and more can be found at

Toilet train your cat...

…with the Litter Kwitter.
Litter  Litter2

Dimes suck

  • Dime Reasons why dimes suck:
    Dollars are made up of Quarters. Quarters are made up of Nickels. Nickels are made up of Pennies. There is no place for Dimes in this system. A Quarter can not be divided up into Dimes unless you go through the trouble of cutting a Dime perfectly in half. Most establishments lack the resources to accomplish this for you when giving you your change.
  •  Dimes have no purpose in the division of money. A hard-working Nickel carries the value of 5 Pennies, but the lazy Dime gets away with doing only twice the work of the Nickel - All while the Quarter effortlessly pulls the weight of 5 Nickels that the Dime should be pulling.
  • The Dime can't even get E Pluribus Unim right. I don't need to look it up to know that E Pluribus Unim means "The Many Are One." It's written on all our money except the Dime. Instead, if you look at a Dime you will see "Eplu Rib Usu Num." Now my Latin isn't the greatest, but I'm fairly certain that doesn't mean anything.
  • The March of Dimes may have cured Polio, but a march of Quarters would have cured it 250% faster.

    Dimes have no place in society. Please collect all the Dimes you can find and send them to me so I can use them to speak out against Dimes. Every Dime you send me will be used for my tireless quest to have Dimes discontinued, rounded up and destroyed. Do not weep for the Dimes. They are devil beings that deserve no mercy.

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Pierced eyeglasses

Pierced eyes  Pierced Read all about it.
What’s next?  Never mind, I don’t want to know.

Baby Boomer foods

Remembering food from your youth…. like:

ChumGumWaxsodaTeaberryCho Cho’s chocolate flavored ice cream bar,  Shakey’s Pizza, Burger Chef, Black Jack gum, Chum gum, Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, Maypo, Wax soda bottles, Mr. Softee ice cream, the hot tamale man with his cart, coconut watermelon slices candy, candy lipstick, candy cigarettes, fizzies, bubble gum cigars, candt buttons, slo poke suckers, Teaberry gum ans wax lips.

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"Wave-and-Pay" credit cards are the future

 Buyers are likely to charge more and charge more frequently when new "contactless" credit cards start hitting mailboxes next month.

The cards — which are "waved" near card readers instead of swiped and signed — move customers through checkout lines faster. And because buyers aren't reaching into their pockets for cash, they may spend more.

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Watch a woman age 69 years in 17 seconds

This short video shows a woman as she progresses from young woman to eldery woman.
Young Old

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Monday, May 23, 2005