Saturday, August 03, 2002

Write a message in the snow.
...and send it to your friends using pee-mail.

P.S. Don't eat the yellow snow!

Throw away your tampons and pads.
The Keeper Menstrual Cup. No comment.

Computer Stupidities
Read hundreds of stories like these:
Tech Support: "How much free space do you have on your hard drive?"
Customer: "Well, my wife likes to get up there on that Internet, and she downloaded ten hours of free space. Is that enough?"

Customer: "I'm sorry. I think I just deleted the Internet!"
Tech Support: "That's ok. We have it backed up here on tape somewhere."

Computer Stupidities.

Ever dream you have gas?
If you were to check out the Dream Diary you'd find this: "A dream of being flatulent in the presence of other people is a warning against allowing your energy to be directed into the wrong channel; however, if the flatulence was suffered by someone else, an unexpected trip is forecast."

How much is a case of Duct Tape?
Duck Tape someone to the wall. Is it duck or duct? You decide.

Boost your memory!
Thanks to the internet, there is a new way that's almost guaranteed to help you remember facts and figures. Boost your memory.

What's your sign?
Interesting way to look at signs of the Zodiac.

Did you ever have to go...I mean REALLY go?
Driving along on the highway and get the urge? Get the Bumper Dumper. Great for hunters and campers too.