Wednesday, September 11, 2002

WWJD - What Would Jesus Drive?
Find out just by reading your Bible. Too lazy to do that? Check out WWJD

Throwing up a gallon of milk.
And look... pictures... for posterity...and your entertainment.

A little giant list of oxymorons
From 'head butt' to 'tight slacks' to 'ball club' to 'barely dressed' to 'upside down' to 'zero deficit'. Words that just don't go together. The Oxymoron List.

Here's the scoop on poop.
Check out Poop Scoop
Don't miss the Turd Twister. Everyone needs one of these.

Everything you ever wanted to know about farts.
Need I say more. Facts on farts.

A word to the wise..... to coin a phrase...
Looking for the right cliche to use? Try Cliche Finder

Tornado of fire.
A graphic masterpiece... featuring David Copperfield. Dream Portal.
(Worth checking out.)

Pop Some Bubbles
Go ahead, relieve some stress with this virtual Bubblewrap.

Photo or Fake? Can you tell the difference?
Can you tell the difference between a photo or a computer generated fake? Take the test now!

WWJD - Who would Jeses Date?
Looking for a new beau? Jesus is looking for a woman. Could it be you?

Hate leaving an exciting ball game just to go pee?
Then you need the Stadium Pal. No more waiting in long lines.