Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Strange News Items

Motorcycle airbag designed
A company from Santiago Chile is selling airbags for motorcycle drivers.
The airbag comes inside a jacket that looks just like an ordinary jacket.
Luis Valenzuela product manager of United Motors told Las Ultimas Noticias: "At first sight they look nothing different but they are made with special fabric and they are totally padded.
"They have many bags inside that can be inflated and they keep the whole upper body protected.
"It has been tested and it has saved many lives already."

New apartments to offer balcony parking
German architects are designing upmarket apartments that allow residents to park on their balconies.
Developers Topos say the 'car loft' apartments, in Berlin, will help ease the city's parking problems and reduce car crime.
"It will also help make inner cities more attractive by getting rid of so many parked cars," said Topos business manager Johannes Kauka.
Two elevators are built at either end of the apartment block allowing residents to drive right up to their front door.

'Fat' people told to move on plane
Passengers on a half-empty plane were shocked when an air hostess asked for eight 'fat' people to move.
The eight passengers were asked to move to the front of the plane as the captain was unhappy with weight distribution in the cabin.
Peter Harrison who was on the Britannia Airways flight from Tenerife to Gatwick said: "She said there were too many passengers at the back of the plane and she needed eight fat people sat in rows 31 to 42 to sit nearer the front."
Peter, from Borehamwood, Herts, was not in those rows but said he felt awkward because he weighs 24 stone.
According to The Sun he added: "She was staring straight at me. At the time I thought it was funny but it must have been quite humiliating for anyone large in those rows. In the end eight people got up and shuffled forward before we took off. It can't have been nice for them."

Abracadabra - You're pregnant!
David Copperfield says he plans to impregnate a girl on stage - without even touching her.
Speaking to German magazine Galore, the illusionist rejected the theory that there were only seven different kinds of magic tricks.
He said: "Bull s**t! There is a great deal of new territory to conquer. In my next show I'm going to make a girl pregnant on stage."
He added: "Naturally it will be without sex. Everyone will be happy about it, but I'm not telling you any more."
The magician is currently on tour in Germany with his show, An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion.

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