Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Heely skate shoes

Heelyszq9I saw a kid with a pair of these on just gliding across the sidewalk.  I had to look twice before I figured it out.

Heelys are trainers with built-in wheels that allow wearers to glide across the ground as if floating on a cushion of air.

They have one wheel in the heel, or two for beginners, which are engaged by lifting the toes to tilt the heel back.

The correct technique for "heeling" is to keep one foot directly behind the other during the slide, which can reach 10mph.

To disengage the wheels, users drag the heel down or run forward.

UK importer
Heelys Dealers has struggled to keep up with the demand for the shoes, which is expected to top 250,000 this year.



Anonymous said...

My 9 yr-old boy has a pair. It's pretty cool seeing the faces of adults when they see Mason wheel by. I wish I could find a pair for me.

Rienei said...

Ahh...these shoes are long outdated in here already. Those bulky shoes are said to be dangerous to childrens shins or smth