Saturday, December 30, 2006

Shoes that vacuum while you work around the house

Dustmatext2They're one giant leap for man and womankind on the domestic front – shoes with a built-in vacuum cleaner that suck up dust as you walk.

Designers at Electrolux believe the footwear, called the Dustmate, will allow busy people – especially young professionals – to do their chores without having to drop everything.

Research shows the average householder spends almost 90 hours every year vacuuming the house.

But Electrolux says the Dustmate could turn cleaning into an
'unconscious byproduct of everyday life'.

The greencolored shoes have two parts – a rechargeable base that contains the vacuum motor and an elastic sock which holds the user's foot in place.


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madhu said...

"Shoes that vacuum while you work around the house" is a nice idea and I with U. But I would like to know about the flexibility of the shoes.