Friday, January 26, 2007

DIY Circumcission?

OK, so it’s not quite Do-It-Yourself yet, but it won’t be long (no pun intended).

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Circumcision is a very simple and straightforward procedure. Nevertheless it is important to explain your son what is going to happen. With the availability of modern painkillers he does not need to suffer any pain. By using the SmartKlamp® your doctor has chosen for the most up to date method of circumcision, which is very safe and fast.
The working principle of the SmartKlamp® is comparable to that of the umbilical cord clamp: it clamps the blood vessels that go to the foreskin, so that the removal of the foreskin is practically bloodless. Because of its clamping ring there is no need for stitches after the circumcision.

It comes with a cool Size-O-Meter too!

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TLC Tugger said...

Of course, anyone who sells a device to mutilate a minor's genitalia makes me wish there was a hell for that person to go to. Nonetheless, this device yields a very symmetrical circumcision, but one that steals the most possible specialized erotic tissue.

Good rabbis place a mogen clamp at a 45 degree angle away from the scrotum to leave more tissue on the underside where the frenulum is. This also give a better likelihood that there will be sufficient slack skin for a comfortable erection.

If you want a circ that looks tidy, use the plastic implement, if you want a circ that gives less chance of sexual dysfunction, use a compassionate rabbi.

If it's not your penis, leave it alone.