Friday, June 01, 2007

Man arrested for using free Wi-Fi from car

Yikes! I didn’t know this was illegal.  I’ve done this myself when traveling.
Free wifi

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Anonymous said...

He would never buy anything, take a good spot and used there Wi-Fi that is for the CUSTOMERS. All the guy would have needed to do was buy a cup of coffee from them once a day. I actually think the guy should be prosecuted because I can't stand at your house window looking in to watch the TV, can I?

Anonymous said...

That's a ridiculous statement. I have wireless at home. What is there to keep my neighbors from riding along? Sure there are locks, but where does the convenience go to have to type a password everytime you sign onto it? The receiver has anywhere from 2-75 feet of reception. Are you telling me that you'll police whether your neghbors are riding on your waves too? C'Mon.... if they don't want this to happen, Starbucks should've gone wired.