Saturday, July 07, 2007


777 slots

Is this your lucky day?

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Anonymous said...

This whole 07/07/07 thing has me thinking...

Last year the buzz was 06/06/06 and that it was a "bad and evil day"....the question is why? Well, the answer is obvious to most everyone today. Having watched the Omen or having listened to Iron Maiden which in my case, I did both; it's the number of the beast, the bad ole 666...what else could make this number so evil? It's not on slot machines?

What makes this the number of the beast or of the Anti-Christ anyway? It's an imperfect number, a human number and we are far FAR from perfect. Right?

So who do you know could be PERFECT?

GOD. This answer is obvious to anyone that studied the bible or occasionally went to Sunday school (if only for the free lunches)...yeah, I did both here too.

GODS number is 777. It's the PERFECT number as we humans know it. After all, there are so many references in the Bible to the number 7...we were created in 6 days and on the 7th...GOD rested....7 Trumpets announcing "the End" and so on.

Now I'm not a religious fanatic or freak, and I'm the last person to pass judgement but I know what is right and what is wrong...most people do, right?...

Doesn't anyone else see the hypocrisy of noting how "bad" and "evil" the 06/06/06 is and not recognizing the 07/07/07 as something other than being lucky?...Did GOD gamble or something I'm not aware of?

This is just another example of how GOD is being pushed aside.

*Easter Bunny? about the guy that hung on the cross and DIED for your salvation?....
*Santa Claus (aka spend your savings day, aka Christmas)? How about the birth of Jesus day?...
*666 = AntiChrist; yet 777 = a Lucky day? I don't think so...if you can accept one, you can accept the other.

We're on the path to Hell and our hypocrisy is keeping us from knowing that...has anyone given any real thought as to whether or not you were on the "right side"?

Hmmmm....maybe I am a religious man after all.