Monday, October 22, 2007

Computer problems

PcquickI’ve been fighting with my desktop computer for about ten days now.  After giving up trying to fix Windows XP, I’m now going to attempt to install Vista.   I tried to upgrade over XP, but apparently XP is so unstable that it won’t work, so I’m going to do a clean install.   If that doesn’t work I’ll be in the market for a new PC.   Just wanted you to know what’s going on if I miss a day or two.  


Unknown said...

Sounds like you need a Mac.


Jonco said...

I used to be a Mac person. I had the original Macintosh.... 128K of memory, NO hard drive... just 3.5 inch diskettes. $2800.. plus printer. My first hard drive .... 20 megabytes... mega - not giga... was over $2,000. Those were the days.
But... my job required me to use a PC, so I spent most of my time on it. I actually have an iMac sitting on table in my office... and I can't figure out how to use it anymore. It does make a nice paperweight. I's just too foreign to me. I should write a post about my original computer. I had an Apple II before I had the Mac.
Anyway, thanks for reading B&P.


Miss Cellania said...

I've had Macs for twenty years straight. My first one cost $2300 USED. The one I work on everyday now was about $750 NEW for the whole setup, Mac Mini, flatscreen, keyboard, mouse, and speakers.

I can't imagine why it would take more than 5 minutes to relearn it. Then you could laugh at people complaining about Windows, Vista, viruses, malware, etc.

Anonymous said...

Fix XP? XP unstable? Uh, I'm confused. Going to install Vista? Now, I'm really confused.

Excuse me for being so forward, but don't you surf the 'net? There is a trove of info about XP vs Vista. Are you aware that MS has released an update for Vista that rolls the OS back to XP?

Please, please, reconsider. XP should not need fixing. Vista is not the answer.

Unknown said...

yeah, I was confused as well. Installing Vista because your copy of XP crapped the bed is NOT the logical solution!! I mean, I personally have Vista because I built a gaming rig (Pentium 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Quad processor, 2GB ram, GeForce8600GT video card, sound blaster X-Fi Extreme Gamer Fatal1ty Edition sound card). If you don't NEED Vista for its DirectX 10 capabilities, I'd suggest you stick with XP until there's a couple service packs out for Vista.


Unknown said...

For the sake of everliving tap-dancing Christ, DON'T GO TO VISTA! Clean install that XP, it's the last even remotely stable version of Windows we're going to see for a couple years.

Or just go buy a Mac.

Anonymous said...

I was just about to tell you to get a mac, but I see a number of people have beat me to it :)

Anonymous said...

I just love my Vista PC. It's such an improvement over XP that I can't say enough. The new graphics are dazzling and it works like a champ.

Mine is super beefed up... put it together myself. Dual 500 Gig SATA HDs running on Raid 1 (full duplication), 4 gigs of RAM, dual SATA CD/DVD burners with lightscribe, two HP 22-inch wide-flatscreens (try running one horizontal and the second vertical for the best web browsing experience of your life). 64-in-1 memory card reader, awesome computer case with 500 watt supply. All this and more for under $2000 at

I don't know why these people can't get their computers to work correctly. Most of the time it's a case of operator error. So ignore the naysayers.

Anonymous said...

wow... finally heard one person like vista... increadable... never seen the 37,483 update or patches coming when I finally went to xp or I would have got duel HD, one to work off of, and the other for patches... I still think I will wait for the first 3 to 4 thousand patches to come out before upgrading to Vista... it's such a toss up to fix the burps computers have or just bite the bullet and go to a new

which leads me to this queston... and or statements... ever notice after a year or two your computer gets slower and slower the closer it comes to your virus protection running out... it's probaby writen in the software to bog down so you either upgrade one way or the other.

plus why is bill gates so rich, I mean he did revolutionize computer software so now any clod can use one, but if he is so dam good, why can't he make bullet proof soft ware???

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever heard of Ubuntu?