Saturday, October 06, 2007

Stinky skunk stuck

Skunkrl3Let’s see you say that three times fast.  Hell, I can barely say it once slowly.

A skunk who got his head stuck in a salad dressing jar found a cautious savior in a Michigan police officer.
The skunk, head in jar, wandered into a police station parking lot and was spotted by Officer James Kellett.  Kellett wanted to help, but was not interested in any resistance — spray or otherwise during the Thursday encounter. So he grabbed a pellet gun used in hunters' safety courses and shot at the jar from a safe distance.
The shots cracked and shattered the jar, leaving a glass collar around the skunk's neck. With its head free, the skunk ran off.
"I didn't want to use deadly force, and it is a residential area," said Kellett. "The way he was when he took off, he was able to eat, breathe and spray — and do anything else skunks like to do."


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's good. Now that skunk has a glass ring on it which could cut it's neck later on.