Saturday, November 10, 2007

Heading to Florida for a couple of days

Bizarro2_17_02I’m off to visit my aunt again in sunny Florida.  Daily high temps are forecast to be 78–79 degrees.  Lows around 60.  That sounds just about right for me.

Changing planes in Orlando where I’ll have a 4 hr layover.   (On the way home the layover is just 40 minutes)  Then it’s off to Fort Meyes which is about 45 minutes from my aunt.  The things I do to save a few bucks.   Could have flown non-stop to Tampa and drove the 90 minutes to Port Charlotte… but the better fare was through Fort Meyers.

I’ll post when I get the chance… hopefully daily…but just in case I don’t, you’ll know why.

Y’all be careful out there.

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Anonymous said...

looks like TSA San Fransico