Friday, December 28, 2007

Crazy biker

I would never, ever, never. ever, never do this.  The video would be much, much shorter if I tried it.



Joanne Casey said...

Maybe his flying carpet was broken that day?

Anonymous said...

Not so long ago a biker who went by the name of "Indian Larry" lost his life doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Nobody on the internet wants to watch an idiot on a motorcycle that long without a seeing him crash and break at least 5 bones!!!

Miss Cellania said...

A guy did this once while I was riding on the motorcycle with him. He did NOT keep his hands in his pockets, though.

I believe I was either covering my eyes or praying.

Jonco said...

Miss C,
He actually stood up with you on the back of the bike?
That's even crazier than this guy. A passenger could move slightly and throw the bike off balance easily.
You're lucky to be alive my dear.

Logan said...

He's a suicide Biker!!!