Monday, January 28, 2008

Derogatory names for cities

Here are a few:

  • Augusta, ME -> Disgusta

  • St. Screwy (St. Louis)

  • Indiano-place (Indianapolis)

  • I've heard Orlando called "O-bland-o" or maybe "Or-bland-o

  • Nashua, NH referred to as "trashua"

  •  Berzerkeley

  • Frederick, MD = Fredneck

  • Sioux City, is affectionately referred to as "Sewer City"

  • Lewisville, Tx as Loserville

  • Filthadelphia

  •  Regina, Saskatchewan: Vagina, Sadcatchtochewon

  •  Iowa Shitty --> Iowa City, IA

  • Rottenfester = Rochester, NY

  • Not just Filthadelphia, but also Philasmellphia

  • Des Peres, Missouri - Despair, Misery

  • Big Sleazy=New Orleans (Big Easy)

  • Cleveland=Thieveland

  • Las Vegas=Lost Wages

  •  Burlington, ON -> Borington, Girlington

  • Sacramento = Excremento

  • Cincinnati --> Cincinasty


freethoughtguy said...

Bainbridge Island = Braindamage Island

Anonymous said...

I've always called Brainbrige Island - Braindead Island

and Bremerton is Bummerton

Anonymous said...

Rochester, NH is also known as Rottenfester.. and Rottenchester... and Roachester...

Anonymous said...

Fort Lauderdale = Fort liquordale

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol, cute. When I lived in Orlando, we called it Bore-blando.

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

West Orange, NJ we used to refer to as Waste Orange. Now I live in St. Screwy, although I've never heard it called that before!

Anonymous said...

I was born in Dirty Jersey but now I live in Albucrackie, New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

How about Nofuck Vagina = Norfolk Va.

Anonymous said...

Peekskill, NY we've always referred to as Peeps-kill, NY.

I have to give credit to my step-dad, these are his!!!

From Baltimore, MD? Your Balti-Morons!! Baltimore is now ->Balti-Moron!

From Connecticut? Your Conn-et-i-nuts!! (broken down for pronunciation)
Connecticut now->Connetinut!

Paul1953H said...

A few places in California, some of which you may not have heard of:

San Francisco (Frisco) = Swishco
Oakland = Croakland
Hayward = Haywired
Fremont = Freakmound
Modesto = Molesto
Morro Bay = Moron May
Lompoc = Lompuke
Los Osos = Los Grossos
Atascadero = Atrashcadero

Anonymous said...

lol rochester Ny is not that bad... its all what you make of it and what you make of yourself

Anonymous said...

Grayslake - Gayslake
Zion - Zompton, Shitty of Zion
Lake Forest - Fake Forest, Lame Forest, Gay Forest
Kenosha - Kenowhere
Chicago - Shitcago
Schiller Park - Shitter Park
Mundelein - Mundeslime, Scumdelein, Mundecrime, Mundelexico
Deerfield - Queerfield
Milwaukee - Kilwaukee
Lake Villa - Lame Villa
Libertyville - Povertyville
Lake Bluff - Lame Bluff
Rolling Meadows - Rolling Ghettos
Elgin - Hellgin
Schaumburg - Scumburg
Great Lakes - Great Mistakes
Fox Lake - Sux Lake
Decatur - DECAYtur, DeGAYtur
Lake Zurich - Lame Zurich
Hoffman Estates - Hoffman Mistakes
Oak Park - Broke Park
Naperville - Naperthrill, Gayperville
Cook County - Crook County
Palatine - Palaslime
Barrington - Borington
Racine - Rancine
Oak Creek - Broke Creek
Waukegan - Little Mexico
Calumet City - Calumet Shitty
North Chicago - NOgo
Homewood - Homowood
Homer Glen - Homo Glen
Askum - Trashkum
Bolingbrook - Boringbrook

Anonymous said...

You may have never heard of Santee, CA but here in San Diego we call it Clantee.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Victorvile CA - aka: Victimville or
Apple Valley - Crapple Valley

Anonymous said...

It's not derogatory, but we call St. Louis, St. Looey around here.

Florissant, MO, from what I've heard, doesn't have any derogatory names, but then again I like it here.

Anonymous said...

These are in Florida:

Orlando = WhorelandoLargo = LarghettoSeminole = Semen HolePinellas Park = Pineapple ParkKenneth City = Kenneth ShittyAnd Tampa natives are referred to as Tampons.

Anonymous said...

Saginaw, MI = Saginballs, MI
Bay City, MI = Bay Shitty, MI

Anonymous said...

Lake Oswego, OR (very affluent community south of Portland): Lake No-Negro

Unknown said...

Pawtucket, RI = The Bucket

Anonymous said...

This isn't the US, but I've heard locals refer to Nairobi, Kenya as NaiROBBERY, Kenya.

Alysse said...

Seaside, made infamous by Jersey Shore, is called Sleezeside.

Anonymous said...

here in Scoqlen everyone calls Dundee= Scumdee. I always found it pretty funny the Dundee people actually live up to the nickname.

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