Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Think this is heavy?

From my friend Tommy the Tow truck driver:
This truck ran into the back of a grain truck and flipped it over spilling 12,000 pounds of corn all over the highway and sending this truck across the median, down through a ditch filled with 2 feet of water, then up the other side of the highway to rest on a cable.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol had the highway shut down for almost 3 hours dealing with this accident.  I got the call and they explained that they thought the trucks involved in the accident were too big for me to handle but the highway was blocked and was there any way I could assist.  As everyone knows; I have big giant balls!!! and am always up for a challenge. 
       To make a long story short, I retreived this cable truck that was way too heavy for me to handle.  You should have seen the State Troopers faces when I stood my truck up on the side of the highway while loading this thing.  They all just about shit!!!               Drive Careful       -Tommy           Toms Tow Truck
Thanks Tommy

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