Sunday, August 21, 2005

To do nude or not to do nude

From the list of 190 things to do nude:

  • Aerobics  (but not at the fitness center)
  • Bathe  (I can’t argue with this one)
  • Buff the floor  ( pun intended I assume)
  • Bowling (?)
  • Cards (Strip poker I guess)
  • Fishing (Watch out for that hook)
  • Gardening  (OK, I’ll buy that)
  • Go to church (If you’re at a nudist colony perhaps)
  • Hanging out (pun deifnitely intended)
  • Jet skiing (not this guy)
  • Mud Football (is mud wrestling the same thing?)
  • Night swimming (skinny dipped a few times)
  • Paying the bills (Is there any other way?)
  • Scrabble  (?)
  • Vaccuuming (if I vaccuumed I’d do it naked)
  • Window washing (peek-a-boo)
  • Wood chopping (careful there)

From the list of 74 thingd NOT to do nude

  • BBQ sizzling meat (ouch)
  • Beekeeping  (I can understand this one)
  • Carry an angry cat  (been there - survived that)
  • Drive during rush hour (Where’s your spirit of adventure?)
  • Frying bacon (Can’t argue with that one)
  • Making a snow angel (BRRRR)
  • Paintball (ouch)
  • Playing leapfrog (depends on who you’re playing with)
  • Remove a hornet’s nest (DUH!)
  • Sit on an ant hill (wow, that itches just thinking about it)
  • Slide down an unfinished banister (Can you say SPLINTER?)
  • Train an attack dog  (Yikes)
  • Working with dry ice (Talk about freezer burn)
  • Weed whacking (Is that what they’re calling it now?)

The complete To do nude or not to do nude list

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