Thursday, September 08, 2005

Funny domain name mispronouncings

 What do you check before you buy a domain name. Spelling of course. Trademarks. What else?

Sometimes a domain name phrase is intended to be pronounced in one way, but if you look at it differently, it can be pronounced in a another, often hilarious, way. The classic example that is often mentioned on the internet is a site called Experts Exchange, where techies gather to answer each others’ questions. The founder of the site picked out what seemed like the very nice domain name of, and it became very popular. But, early on, he found out that some were reading the the domain name differently, mispronuncing it as LOL! He’s since changed his site name to to make sure everyone understands he is not in the business of performing sex change operations. I was surprised to see that he did not hang on to the original domain though, pointing it to their new domain name. It now sits parked for click revenue.

Here are some others:

Even more:

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  •  Comics (
  • /
  • /
  •  Mole Station Native Plant Nursery - (MolestationNursery)

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