Friday, August 11, 2006

How to collect bull semen

BullcollbJust in case you want to know this.

Successful semen collection with an AV (artificial vagina) depends on the bull being comfortable around people, and they need to be trained to use the AV. However, bulls are big and dangerous, and personnel safety should be emphasized constantly. Most bulls in artificial insemination centers have a nose ring installed as a valuable and humane means of physical control. Bulls undergoing semen collection should be haltered and one should never tie a bull up by their nose ring - if startled, then can rip it out which is not only quite traumatic but yields an animal that may be exceptionally difficult to control. During collection, the person handling the AV must remain aware of where their feet are relative to the bull. As the animal ejaculates, it is common for him to jump forward. To avoid foot injury, collectors should wear boots with steel toes.

The ‘false mounting’ part doesn’t sound fair to the bull.

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