Friday, February 02, 2007

The 2007 List of Banned Words

Here are a few from the list:

GONE/WENT MISSING -- "It makes 'missing' sound like a place you can visit, such as the Poconos. Is the person missing, or not? She went there but maybe she came back. 'Is missing' or 'was missing' would serve us better."

PWN or PWNED -- Thr styff of lemgendz: Gamer defeats gamer, types in "I pwn you" rather than I OWN you.  (I never did understand that one)

NOW PLAYING IN THEATERS -- Heard in movie advertisements. Where can we see that, again?

HEALTHY FOOD -- Point of view is everything.  Someone told Joy Wiltzius of Fort Collins, Colorado, that the tuna steak she had for lunch "sounded healthy." Her reply: "If my lunch were healthy, it would still be swimming somewhere. Grilled and nestled in salad greens, it's 'healthful.'"

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Hop said...

PWN or PWNED came from typing too quickly while playing an on-line game and hitting a P instead of an O. After that happened a number of times it became a cult word.