Thursday, November 10, 2005

And they called it puppy love....

Pugwedding$1200 spent on wedding of two dogs

Over 70 anxious people gathered to witness two dogs get married. The owners spent over $1,200 on the entire wedding arrangement.

The pugs, ages 2 (Bobby) and 3 (Gracie), "love each other," said 79-year-old Susan Laurer, who wore flowers on her sweater to celebrate her Bobby's special day at the Animal Activity Center in their hometown of Clinton Township.

During the ceremony, Bobby moseyed down the aisle in a top hat, black tuxedo and red bowtie with his coiled tail wagging. After he took his place at the altar, his tongue flopped out.

Their even were groomsmen and maids of honor (pint-size Chihuahuas in formal apparel). The Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out" rang from speakers during their exit from the church.

Some of Laurer's family members drove more than two hours to attend. During the reception that followed at the center, the newlyweds dug into a two-tiered, bone-shaped cake with a pink heart in the center. The dog-friendly ingredients included peanut butter, carob, whole wheat and cream cheese.

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