Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Penises I Have Known

PenisesWell, not me personally, but it’s a sculpture that YOU can buy on ebay.

The sculpture, made is 2000, is hand-whittled and painted, and measures 9 x 13 x 4". The sculpture features 5 "figures", each one laden with symbols representing each lover's specific characteristics and idiosyncrasies. The winner of this auction will also receive a signed narrative and key for all of the symbols hidden in the sculpture.

The medium is acrylic on pine and the sculpture is in excellent original condition.... no scratches or dents. It has been varnished, and there are a few drips in the varnish upon close inspection.

I have had many offers over the years to buy this piece, and I have held on to it because it is a somewhat personal work. As I will be getting married in the near future, it is time to send it out into the universe...

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