Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's a lot closer than you think

HellmiIt’s in Michigan.

 Hell was first settled in 1838 by George Reeves and his family. George had a wife and 7 daughters – no reason to call it Hell yet… George built a mill and a general store on the banks of a river that is now known as Hell Creek. The mill would grind the local farmers grain into flour; George also ran a whiskey still, so a lot of times the first 7-10 bushels of grain became moonshine.

In turn, horses would come home without riders, wagons without drivers….someone would say to the wife, where is your husband? She'd shrug her shoulders, throw up her arms and exclaim, 'Ahh, he's gone to Hell!'

In 1841 when the State of Michigan came by, and asked George what he wanted to name his town, he replied, 'Call it
Hell for all I care, everyone else does.' So the official date of becoming Hell was October 13, 1841.


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Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Paradise! It's in the UP of Michigan. So we have Paradise AND Hell!