Friday, October 06, 2006

A tale of Indian winter

A pioneer rancher spent the summer making a huge stack of hay to feed his cows through the winter.  When he thought he had enough, he sent his son to ask a wise old Indian chief what kind of winter to expect. 

The chief solemnly shook his head and sad, “Bad!”

Alarmed, the rancher made even more hay, then sent his son back for an updated forecast.

“Very bad!”, said the Indian chief.

So the rancher desperately made still more hay, then sent his son back to the chief.

“Bad winter.  Much cold.  Deep snow for many moons”, he warned ominously.

Impressed and worried, the son finally asked, “Please tell me: How do you know this?”

The chief pointed towards the family’s distant ranch and said, “Because white man make much hay”.

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