Monday, January 21, 2008

Men and women

  I know I'm not going to understand women.   I'll never understand how you can take boiling hot wax,  pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair out by the root,  and still be afraid of a spider.

  While attending a Marriage Seminar dealing with communication, 
  Tom and his wife Grace listened to the instructor, 
  "It is essential that husbands and wives know each other's likes and dislikes." 
  He addressed the man,  "Can you name your wife's favorite flower?" 
  Tom leaned over, touched his wife's arm gently and whispered, "It's Pillsbury, isn't it?

  A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word. 
  An earlier discussion had led to an argument and  neither of them wanted to concede their position. 
  As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs,  the husband asked sarcastically, "Relatives of yours?" 
  "Yep," the wife replied, "in-laws."

  A man walks into a pharmacy and wanders up & down the aisles. 
  The sales girl notices him and asks him if she can help him. 
  He answers that he is looking for a box of tampons for his wife. 
  She directs him down the correct aisle. 
  A few minutes later, he deposits a huge bag of cotton balls and a ball of string on the counter. 
  She says, confused, "Sir, I thought you were looking for some tampons for your wife? 
  He answers, "You see, it's like this, yesterday, I sent my wife to the store 
  to get me a carton of cigarettes, and she came back with a tin of tobacco 
  and some rolling papers; cause it's sooo-ooo--oo-ooo much cheaper. 
  So, I figure if I have to roll my own .......... so does she. 

Thanks Joe P

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Anonymous said...

Too bad pictures aren't working, 'cause I need visual aides especially for the tampon part.