Saturday, January 26, 2008

Website update

OK kids… pack your bags…. we’re moving.  I hope to announce where tomorrow or Sunday at the latest.  I think the conversion to a new site just might work.   As you may have noticed, the graphics are back here.. (or coming back as I type this).   I’m in the process of copying old posts as we speak (actually as I type).  I’ll have to shut down the blogger site (this one) before long or I’might lose my graphics again. So be sure to check back for the updated site info.

Special thanks To Dave at Dead Dog for some guidance in the conversion process.  Also thanks to all the other people who offered help and encouraging words.

Stay tuned….


Anonymous said...

So glad we will have a place to catch up on the important stuff in life again. I have missed checking in 5 times a day. good luck and good night.

Mike Firesmith said...

Let's do this thing! ( and when I say "let's" I mean you do all the work, we'll tag along once the work is done, and then we'll all celebrate the fact that you've done all this work, and a week later take you for granted like we've always done,so you ought to shut down a day a month just to freak us out and make us realize that a real live human has to go through a lot of bullshit just to make other people laugh)

So yeah, let's do this thing!

Anonymous said...

Excuse my english my lenguage is spanish but from this part of the earth I like to said that I enjoyed everything that you do in this blog.

I will follow you to that better place, need to say thanks you make me laught every day