Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oprah Winfrey Network to Debut in 2009

Tentative lineup:

  • “Good Morning, Oprah,”

  • “Oprah Today,”

  • “Judge Oprah ,”

  • “Grand Ol' Oprah,”

  • “The Evening News With Oprah Winfrey,”

  • “Dancing With Oprah,”

  • “Good Night, Oprah,” and

  • “Oprah Test Pattern.”



Anonymous said...

Don't forget 'Law and Oprah'

alilbit said...

so true she is everywhere but gotta admit she's brilliant~Oprah test pattern got me giggling tho

Anonymous said...

Would Oprah test pattern be where we like blow up Oprah? Maybe inject her with bacterial cultures and see how fast they grow.

Just kidding. When I look at "women" like Hilary it makes me wish I had the option to vote for Oprah.

Anonymous said...

She should just take over Discovery Channel. I'd like to see "Dirty Jobs with Oprah". Or Oprah getting chewed-out by the Teutels on "American Chopper". Maybe she could be the new Buster on "Mythbusters".

Then there's A&E's "Oprah the Bounty Hunter". I can see her in leather and tattoos and piercings.

I don't think I could take PBS's Tickle Me Oprah, though.