Thursday, June 06, 2002

Thinking about having kids?
Check out The Fruit of Our Loins first.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

What should I do today?
Mow the grass? Nah. Wash the car?... Nah. Fix a nice romantic dinner? Nah. Take pictures of every door knob I touch today? Yeah, that's it!

God's word is HOT!
For $44.95 you can get your very own Fire Bible Get yours here.

Find out what it is here.

OJ Slashes Prominent Ma
...and other anagrams of Orenthal James Simpson

Hey....somebody's inside my computer
Or, maybe I'm just being paranoid.

This talking cow is pissed.
Mad Cow.
(Warning: Strong language)

Cheeze Doodle Sculpture
Need I say more? Say cheese.

Don't you just love those file not found errors?
Here's one that is kind of funny.

Sonds like a Glutton event to me.
Wife carrying contest.

Hey puppet head?
Clone this!

1 in 3 British houseflies is clinically obese!
Get the startling facts and everything you ever wanted to know about houseflies ...and some stuff you didn't want to know...

As Seen on TV...... Is it worthy... or just crap?
Find out here: As Seen on TV Product Reviews

Required Reading for every man!
Penis Owner's Manual