Saturday, July 30, 2005

Strange airport in Gibraltar

Gibralter Airport

The runway crosses the road.  see more pics here.

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Final Score: Porcupine 1, Dog 0

Porcupine 2


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I don't think I want to ride in a clown's ass..... not sure about you though

Clown butt ride
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Ten horsepower motorized couch - Lamps included

 From the dawn of time, women have asked men to move furniture. This is one man's modern response to this age-old request.
Motorized couch
Read all about it here.

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Name your child according to your profession

 Lawyer's daughter:  Sue
Thief's son:  Rob
Lawyer's son:   Will
Doctor 's son:  Bill
Meteorologist's daughter:   Haley
Steam shovel operator's son:  Doug
Hair Stylist's son:   Bob
Homeopathic doctor's son:  Herb
Justice of the peace's daughter: Mary
Sound stage technician's son:  Mike
Hot-dog vendor's son:  Frank
Gambler's daughter:   Bette
Exercise guru's son:  Jim
Cattle Thief's son:   Russell
Painter's son:   Art
Iron worker's son:  Rusty
TV show star's daughter: Emmy
Movie star's son:  Oscar
Barber's son:  Harry

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Scratching an itch for a sand doll

Sand doll
More sand dolls can be found here.  Even more sculptures here and here and here.

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Hate Harry Potter? Join the club

HarryPotterThe Harry Potter Haters Club…. AKA Anti Wizards Inc.

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I am the ham.... the ham I am

I took a 3 Variable Funny test at  My results follow:
Your humor style:

Your style's mostly goofy, innocent and feel-good. Perfect for parties and for the dads who chaperone them. You can actually get away with corny jokes, and I bet your sense of humor is a guilty pleasure for your friends. People of your type are often the most approachable and popular people in their circle. Your simple & silly good-naturedness is immediately recognizable, and it sets you apart in this sarcastic world.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU: Will Ferrell - Will Smith

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 0% on dark
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You scored higher than 99% on spontaneous
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You scored higher than 0% on vulgar


Not sure I agree with the results of the test.  I think I lie more in the dark and vulgar side.

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Thousands of cans of Bud Light spill across the highway.Bud spill
 Authorities said the driver of the truck lost control on Interstate 10 in Tuscon Arizona.
Thousands of cans of Bud Light spilled on the highway, snarling traffic for hours.
Police said the driver of the truck had apparently fallen asleep.
The driver and his passenger escaped without injury.

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Can you spot the imposter?

Coke ad

Iron lung machine

Iron lungThis machine is an iron lung.  Many people who sufferred from the crippling disease polio used it to help them breathe.  “Poliomyelitis” is a viral dosease that invades the parts of the nervous system that control muscles.  It can lead to weakness and even paralysis.  Many victims were unable to breathe on their own and had to use an iron lung.  People whose lungs were affected would have to live inside the machines with only their heads sticking out.  Iron lungs worked by pumping all the air out of the inside of the machime, whiched forced the patient to breathe in. 

Luckily, you don’t see iron lungs in use anymore because a research scientist named Jonas Salk developed a vaccine that conquered polio.  In 1952, Salk learned how to inactivate the polio virus so that a vaccine could be developed.  Polio has almost been eliminated from the world.  Even so, it is important to keep immunizing people.  If too many people don’t get immunized, the dreaded disease could make a comeback.

I can remember seeing people in these on telethons when I was a kid.

Info from the St. Louis Science Center

Friday, July 29, 2005

Faces on butterfly wings

Butterfly face
Some pretty cool close-up pictures of butterfly wings.  Click here to see them all.

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Funny Faces

Funny Faces
Share your own funny face or view others at flickr/doyourworst.

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More bouncing balls

Now you can watch BinLaden or “W” bounce around on their balls.   Also available are Tony Blair, Bono and Paris Hilton.  Click here for the whole bunch.
Binladen balls

GWB Balls

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hw went that-a-way

Traffic sign

Grand Theft Auto Meets Robocop

ChargerPolice_l An automatic license-plate reader that can scan 500 license plates an hour looking for stolen vehicles underwent its first field tests by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department last week.

Using character-recognition technology developed for the Italian Post Office to read postal addresses, four robot eyes in the course of one night queried more than 12,000 license plates, recovered seven stolen cars and resulted in three arrests.

Full story here.

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MTV's Jackass to become video game

Jackass MTV's "Jackass" show is being used as the basis for a new video game of some kind, according to an interview with MTV's senior director of Interactive Projects Tony Calandra that will reportedly be posted on Gamecloud's web site tomorrow. And they're thinking about a "Bevis and Butthead" game, too. Who says culture is dead?

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Fly me to the moon......

MoonguyRussia will offer tourists a vacation to and from the moon for a measley $100 million.  

Roskosmos leaked details of the project as Nasa's space shuttle Discovery prepared for launch from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. A source at the Russian agency confirmed to the Guardian that the technology was in place for a flight to be launched within 18 months of a down payment. 

Read all about it.

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New Tivo type DVR records everything

With 3.2 terabytes or memory (not sure how much that is…but I’m sure it’s a shitload), this device can hold a weeks worth on television recordings.  The device was shown in London last week.  Read the story here.

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Have a nice hot pizza while you're stuck in that traffic jam

Pizza oven for car
A 12 volt pizza oven for your car.  Plug it right into your lighter outlet.  Hey, it’s on sale for $39.95.

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If you're ugly, don't apply

Crrrreepy A European social networking site called has launched in the United States. It uses Orkut-like invitation-only sign-ups, which exist expressly for the purpose of EXCLUDING UGLY PEOPLE.  
    "We unashamedly exist so that people who are sick of wasting time and money meeting unattractive people on the Net can meet others they deem aesthetically pleasing," said Greg Hodge, managing director of in the US. "This is the kind of online community you would actually want your friends to know you were a part of!"

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Who needs kids when you can have Amazing Amanda? She can recognize her own poop

Amazingamanda A CREEPY new doll called Amazing Amanda from Playmates Toys (on sale next month for $100) is more intelligent that your child -- so intelligent she can "recognize" her own poop. According to a company press release, "Amazing Amanda speaks, eats, responds to objects, recognizes her 'Mommy' and shows emotions. Her realistic facial expressions and sounds [combine] with her ability to intelligently respond to stimuli and her mommy’s voice...Amanda can respond and recognize her own outfits; toothbrush; food and beverages such as juice in a sippy cup, a sandwich, cookie; and even her own potty... she knows what day and time it is, and can remind her Mommy about upcoming holiday’s including Mother’s Day and Valentine's Day....Amazing Amanda will respond with words, sounds and expressions to indicate if she wants to eat. When Amanda receives something she doesn’t want, such as the wrong food or if her Mommy says 'no,' she demonstrates the sounds, expressions and emotions a young toddler would, simulating the closest thing to a real mother and child interactive experience." The Rise of the Machines begins at home.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Your face on a doll

And it’s only $44 at

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Can you say ouch?


Foodball be berry berry good to me

Football belly

Man blows fish out his nose - Film at 11

 From Ananova News:

Yoga teacher's fishy record bid

An Indian yoga teacher is hoping to get in the record books by swallowing fish and blowing them out of his nose.

G P Vijaya Kumar swallowed 509 small fish through his mouth and blew them out of his nose within one hour, reports The Asian Age.

He was inspired by American Kevin Cole who holds the record for the longest spaghetti strand blown out of a nostril in a single blow.

Mr Kumar, of Gunduppalavadi in Tamil Nadu, started experimenting with live fish after successfully ejecting peas and corn through his nose.

He said: "This is a kriya (method) in yoga where the nostrils are purified by swallowing fishes and bringing them out of the nose.

"I swallow the fish and take deep breaths to guide it through my nose. There are times the fish might glide back to the mouth, but by inhaling hard it can be brought up quickly."

Allrighty then.

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Wanna see the Space Shuttle?

Shuttle Depending on your location on the Earth's surface, the spacecraft's position in orbit and the time of day, you may be able to see either the space shuttle or the International Space Station, or both, as they orbit about 386 kilometers (240 miles) above the planet. A spacecraft will be seen as a steady white pinpoint of light moving slowly across the sky.

If you’re in the St. Louis area your best shot is August 8–9 to see the Space Shuttle or the International Space Station.  Click here for more details.

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Relief for carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnelCarpal tunnel syndrome has become a scourge among today's active and computer literate population. Men, especially, are becoming afflicted with this serious health problem. To help stamp out carpal tunnel syndrome, new mouse pads have been devised to assist men in their computer operations. Ergonomically improved mouse pads to support the wrists such as these will enable men to avoid the pain and suffering associated with this serious health concern.

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U.S. diver Davis escapes major injury

HeadbangMONTREAL (Reuters) - American Chelsea Davis was released from the hospital last Friday, July 22, 2005, and could return to the diving competition at the world swimming championships despite a spectacular accident during the preliminary round of three-meter springboard.

After slamming face first into the board attempting a 2 1/2 somersault, the 17-year-old tumbled into the pool and laid motionless face down in water with blood streaming from her nose as U.S. coaching staff jumped to her aid.

Davis was taken to a on-site medical center where she was examined and immediately transferred to a Montreal hospital.

Tests showed no major injuries and the swimmer was expected to be released later on Friday.

"She's moving all her extremities," said U.S. diving team leader Robert Rudze. "We stabilized her for precaution. She never lost consciousness. She will probably need stitches on the bridge of her nose.

"Her parents and boyfriend are with her and if everything is negative she will have dinner with us tonight."

Despite the dramatic incident that shocked spectators and left several near tears Davis has not been ruled out from competing in the three-meter synchronized event on Sunday.

She was scheduled to partner veteran Laura Ann Wilkinson, gold medallist in the 10m platform. Chelseadavis

(Chelsea as she appeared on the Today Show.)


Grow your own couch


Complete instructions on how to grow your own couch are here.

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Laser sighted pencil launcher - Make yours from office supplies

Laser gun1 This was the first advanced gun and was constructed by Geir. It is made by assembling several Mauly clips and a thick rubberband and has tremendous firepower. With a regular pencil as projectile it can penetrate thick cardboard and empty soda cans. Never point this gun at anyone!

This gun is not practical for random battles, but more of a gun for the Laser gun2determined assassin. This gun IS dangerous!

Complete instructions on how to make it yourself are here.

CAUTION:  This could be very dangerous.  Use caution.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Street paintings

Artt1 Julian Beever is an English artist who is famous for his art on the pavements of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium. It's peculiarity?  Beever gives his drawings an anamorphosis view, his images are drawn in such a way which gives them three dimensionality when viewing from the correct angle. It's amazing !!!   To see more of this artwork click here.

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World's tallest fastest roller coaster

 KingdaKa_Kingda Ka shattered all world records for speed and height when it debuted in 2005 at Six Flags Great Adventure. Park in Jackson New Jersey.  This 418-foot-tall coaster is truly the "King of Coasters." Kingda Ka rockets riders horizontally from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds before vertically catapulting them a mind-blowing 456 feet (45 stories) into the sky at a 90-degree angle. After a brief moment in the clouds, rides descend 418 feet back down to earth in a 270-degree spiral, only to experience another breathtaking moment of weightlessness as they soar over a 129-foot-tall hill and then glide back into the station. Kingda Ka will anchor The Golden Kingdom 11-acre jungle section, the largest expansion in the park's 30-year history.  
A video virtual tour ride is available.
Note:  Kingda Ka is undergoing testing and is open and closed intermittently while they make adjustments to the ride.