Saturday, June 15, 2002

Hungry, but don't know what you want?
Have you ever tried fried Twinkie?

Now here's an idea I like.
See through clothes. Isn't Saran Wrap a lot cheaper?

Hey, loan me a half gross of pencils. I have an idea.
72 pencils. Now, how do I get started?

Ok, these are really kind of funny and cute.
Best pics of 2001

Ever flushed a fish down the toilet?
Talk abbout a conversation piece. Aquarium toilet. But then, who has conversations in their bathroom?

Know someone who deserves a good ass kicking?
Need I say more? The worlds only legitimate Ass Kicker.

Do you see slip-ups or goofs in movies and TV shows?
You know, where the galss is half full then almost empty and half full again as the camera angles change. Then you'll like Slip-Ups.

WARNING: Do not click this link!
Especially at work. You will most likely lose your job. You have been warned. (Contains a very bad word.)

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Hey big boy.....Like dressing up in ladies underwear?
Get yourself some Manties. Just for men!

Hey.... pierce this!
Wanna be different from your freaky friends? Pierced uvulas. (No it's not dirty.)

The sunny summer season is upon us?
Is your pooch equipped for those bright sunny days? Doggles