Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Traffic Light Wars
Silly but I just couldn't keep from watching all of them. Traffic Light Wars.

Saturday, January 18, 2003

Monopoly Cards We'd Like to See
Like I said, Monopoly Cards We'd Like to See

Unnatural Wonders
From the Arkansas Shoe Tree to the Cadillac Rance of Texas to the fur covered trout to the Corn Palace to the Mona Lisa barn to the world's largest six pack pf beer to the Chain Of Rocks Bridge. Yep, they're all here ...and all Unnatural Wonders.

A very different venus fly trap (I guess)
Hard to describe this. But it is interesting. Venus.

X-Ray Glasses on the internet
Try these on for size. They'll let you see through clothing.

Do you have Parkinson's disease?
This online test will determine if you do.

False Advertising
A gallery of parody.

What an asshole!
Art can be such an asshole.
Who's art?
WARNING: Graphic images

Eye Eye!
That says it all. Eye

Create your own fireworks above Lady Liberty
And the rockets red glare..... bombs burting in air....
Really kinda cool. Fireworks

Paint by Numbers...without those messy paints.
Internet Paint Ny Number.
It's Interactive! It's Quick! It's Easy! Dries Instantly! No Cleanup!

Ever wonder how Uncle Willie became a part of your family?
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has an elablrate wesite that can help you investigate the history of your anscestors.
Go to Family Search.

What do waiters and waitresses really think about you?
Do you know that thay can and will sabotage the meal of rude people and/or bad tippers?
Well if you really want to know the scoop, check out The Stained Apron. Straight from the horses mouth.

Make Your Bush Talk
Yes you can put words into your presidents mouth.... or, more appropriately make them come out of his mouth.
It's's silly..... it's the President! You can be a speech writter. Bushspeak.

Wanna send a message to the dearly departed?
You can now send a message to Uncle Charlie who passed away last year. Or, check up on cousin Jed who died fifty years ago.
And, it's only $10 a word (five word minimum). Just use Afterlife Telegrams. They offer a direct conduit to the unalive.

Dave Murray Wanna Be?
Create your very own storm. For weather freaks. The Storm.

Furniture Porn
Need I say more. Furniture Porn.
Requires Quicktime.

Paint yourself by number
Get you own personalized paint by number canvas.
Send in your photo and they'll make a custom paint by number just for you. Only $49.95 and up.

Things go better with Coke
You can cook with it...tan with it, clean tile grout with it, kill rates with it, clean buf off your windshield with it, fertilize grass with it, clean a toilet with it. Oh, and you can drink it. Crazy uses for Caca-Cola.

Ballsy Bear® and Bitchy Bear
The Nastiest Talking Teddy Bears
They're Rude. Crude. And Totally Lewd! ... And NOT FOR CHILDREN.

Singing horses
You've never seen anythnig like the singing horses.
Mr. Ed, eat your heart out.
Click on a horse to hear him sing.

Get in touch with your inner ganster.
The Soprano's mafia name generator.
I'm Jonny the Bishop.

Dressed like a million bucks..... Would you settle for a dollar?
How to fold a one-dollar bill into a nice polo shirt. Money shirt.

Tired of sitting on wet seats?
You ladies can now stand up with the boys. The P-Mate

Did you know you have to power to shut down the internet.

Pick a nose
Just not your nose! At least not in front of me. Do it in your car when no one can see you.
Can you tell the difference between men's and women's noses? Pick a nose.

Hello Tech support?
I hear a hissing sound from my computer. Hiiiisssssssss

Dog Nose Heaven
Just in the nip of time, here is a gallery of dog noses. And you've been wondering what the internet is for.

Drinking Signs
When words come out, alcohol can't get in. Remove the roadblocks to drinking success with this arsenal of non-verbal communication.

I used to believe....
.... if I sat on the toilet for too long a hairy hand would come out from the hole at the bottom and pull me under.
..... that Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson were the same person.
.... that somthing took the bread from the toaster and replaced it with toast.
..... that if I played with my belly button too much, it'd come untied and all my skin would fall off.
For more please check out I used to believe.

Are you really cool?
Thake the Cool Test and find out for sure.

Don't let anything go to waste.
Here's somethnig for you to do every month. Menstrual paintings.