Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Must have been one hell of a party

Man Fails to Remember How 10-cm Nail Got in His Head

NailinheadA man from the Ufa region in western Russia has survived after discovering a 10-cm nail in his head.   The 40-year-old man discovered a metal dowel sticking out of the top of his head while brushing his hair after a party the previous evening. He told doctors that he had been drinking with his friends and so could not remember anything about how the nail had got there. It did not cause him to panic however, despite the fact that few people survive such traumas.

The doctor said his patient had been very lucky — the dowel had not broken any major blood vessels or the most important parts of the brain, while strong alcoholic intoxication Saitov believes saved him from going into shock from the pain. The patient left hospital only a couple of days after the operation and is now feeling absolutely normal, he said.

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