Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Turtle fart cause alarm

(Ya’ can’t make up better stuff than this.)

TurtleA turtle given a Christmas treat of Brussels sprouts caused a Boxing Day emergency when it set off an alarm at a sea life centre – by passing wind.

Its bubbles in the water tank were sent up a tube to the surface, where they popped and splashed water on to a sensor.

Marine biologist Sarah Leaney rushed to the 500,000 litre tank in Weymouth, Dorset, assuming it was overflowing.

'Sprouts are a healthy Christmas treat for sea turtles,' she said. 'But they give similar side effects to those experienced by humans.'

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nikto said...

As always, Jumpin' Jack Flash had
the answer...

He said it's a "gas gas gas".

And man, that was like, 1971!