Sunday, February 18, 2007

Enough is enough

It's a new year, a new beginning, and I want to tell you right up front , that I have finally made a New year's resolution to not forward/post emails which are not mentally stimulating.

I have had more than enough of pictures of half-naked young girls in disgusting poses. If we don't stop this, everybody will think us seniors all are sex obsessed.

From now on I am forwarding/posting only pictures of old monuments, nature and other cultural sights which are healthy and educational for your mind.

As a start, here is a picture of the bridge "Pont Neuf" in Toulouse , France . 

(Link Updated)  

Try this link:




Anonymous said...

there is no image on the link

Anonymous said...

I concur - no image with the link.

ALso I Have looked at every single archinve you have. Great stuff!

Mike S said...

To be fair, the link DOES have instructions on how to post images.

Anonymous said...

Actual link:

Anonymous said...

That link is no good either. Someone please try again.

Anonymous said...

Yes you're right, that is a mentally stimulating cultural sight.. nice classic form. Would look great next to my monument any day. But, I hear the ones that look like that sometimes charge a toll to be on them. Also, did anyone notice the span crossing the river in the background?