Friday, April 20, 2007

15 most embarrassing pics of George W. Bush

Everybody who’s ever had pictures taken of them knows that sometimes they can be embarrassing.

Now, if you happen to be the President of the United States, you tend to get a lot more photos taken of you.

So it would stand to reason that there would be a larger number of embarrassing ones. For your enjoyment, The Daily Background presents…. The top 15 most embarrassing photos of George W. Bush, complete with back stories and all.

Bush gayHere is just one:

On the right, we have a 2005 headline proclaiming that the House of Representatives has banned gay unions. On the left, we have a picture of Bush holding hands with Saudi Prince Abdullah. Juxtaposition can be a killer. In fact, holding hands is quite common among men who are (just) friends in some parts of the middle east, but it still struck some as odd that Bush would try to emulate this part of Saudi culture… at his ranch in Texas. By the way, the Senate never passed the civil union ban, although Abdullah did eventually become King of Saudi Arabia, months after this photo was taken.

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