Friday, April 06, 2007

Some changes...

I’m making a few changes to Bits and Pieces.  

I’ve added an email link on my profile where you can contact me.  I might not check it every day, but will try to on a fairly regular basis. 

I haven’t been getting any comments since Tuesday (They’re e-mailed to me automatically.. or at least they were.)  I republished the blog hoping that solves the problem.  Also the next item might solve the problem if the republish didn’t.

Update:  Still not getting notice of comments by email.  
Update Part II:   Comments are now working.  Somehow they were blocked, but now they’re fixed.

I’m probably going to upgrade to the latest version of Blogger.  So if for some reason you don’t see anything from me for a while, it means something went wrong in the upgrade process.  (I’ve heard of some people having trouble with upgrading.)  Rest assured I’ll be working on it.  

Update:  Looks like I’m not allowed to upgrade yet. You have to be “invited” to upgrade.

I may redo the look of the blog.  I’m getting tired of the way it looks.

Y’all, have a  good weekend and a great Easter!


Jonco said...

Test comment 123...

Pseudonym said...

good luck with new blogger...I had no problems migrating over

spiiderweb™ said...

I also had no problem migrating.

As to the look of your blog. Its yours so you can change anything you want, but its fine as is.

Its simple, that is to say, clean and easy to read.

Jonco said...

Comments test. 1-2-3-4