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Yeah, I know it’s racist and stereotypical…but it’s funny.



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Anonymous said...

Where's the malt liquor?

Anonymous said...

That is it! I hope you'all have fun at your next cross burning. I used to come here to laugh not get disrespected. Well I've learned my lesson and you are off my favorites.


Anonymous said...

take a chill pill... its not racist its just a stereotype. go educate yourself!

Anonymous said...

Har, har, har...ain't it the truth.

Anonymous said...

I think LOTS of Americans can learn a lot about LAUGHING AT OURSELVES by watching Comedy Central's "Mind of Mencia." Seriously. Everyone always jumps to the race card when someone is simply being humorous and not intentionally hurtful. RELAX. LAUGH at yourself and other once in awhile. Laughter doesn't hurt anyone. Being bitter only hurts yourself.

C ~ Wheaton, IL

Anonymous said...

hahaha! racist stereotypes are soooo funny!

meta.being said...

I don't quite get it. It's supposed to be funny laughing at drunken destitute individuals acting like drunken destitute individuals? You've only posted this image so as to elicit the kinds of responses you've already received. Why be so mean spirited?

Anonymous said...

i think that the above poster is that mans son

Shelli said...

It's actually NOT funny, at all.

I wonder if the "anonymous" posters ever grew up with any for of derogatory hatred spewed at them, just because they existed.

Stereotypes are awful, and NOT funny at all. The more we laugh at them, the more acceptable they become, and the more it becomes "OK" to laugh at others misfortunes.

I'm really disappointed in this one. And in you, for saying it's OK.

And again, I wonder if the "anonymous" posters would all, by chance, happen to be white males.

inkaddict said...

This is one of those situations where if a black guy posted this, nobody would bitch. If Dane Cook were doing Chris Rock's routine, he'd have been shot by now. Maybe if you post a pic of a white guy on wine and cheese or some shit, these jackasses will stop complaining. Get over yourselves....that shit is funny!

inkaddict said...

In response to meta.being......
We're not laughing because he's drunken and destitute. We're laughing because he's surrounded by watermelon and chicken. There's nothing in the pic tht even suggests he's drunk or destitute. The guy could have simply fallen while carrying a bucket of chicken and a watermelon.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with inkaddict on this one, I mean sure I'm white, but you don't see me getting offended when I see things that make fun of my race. Shelli needs to get whatever it is in her ass out.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post obove me. Get a life Shelli. Plus most only post anonymous because the don't want to subscribe to some account.

Shelli said...

Until you have experienced hatred and racism for yourself, I would advise you to be wary of that which you speak.

And gratefully, I actually DO have a life. And I enjoy it quite well, but thanks for offering one to me. I'm happy with the one I have.

Russell said...

Im Black. I like watermelon. I like KFC...Some white people like it more than I do..If so, why is it funny? How can it be both racially stereotypical and funny? Destitute or willing participant,someone went through a lot of trouble to make a weak point. Pun intended: poor taste in humor.

Anonymous said...

Genuinely funny pic. Love to see the self-righteous bitch-n-moan. Of all the pictures of stupid, non-black people doing moronic things, there is no “I am offended” BS. Blacks have the special position of CONSTANTLY publicly degrading themselves (and everyone else) while somehow acting offended when a non-black points this out.

Non P.C..

Anonymous said...

prob is with 'racist' humour is that its always against one colour. you never get jokes taking the piss out of both whites and blacks at the same time.

the only one i can remember is a joke i heard years back when i was a sprog..

two kids one black, the other white, walking down the street.
black kid says,

"my dad has got a tractor, and its horn goes HONKY!!, HOOOONKKY!!"

the white kid replies,

"so what?! my dads got a chainsaw and it goes RRRUUNNniggerniggerniggernigger..."

well i laughed anyway.. :-)

Anonymous said...

haha blackblack people oh how black!

Anonymous said...

Q: Know what the little black lad is getting for Christmas?

A: My bike!

Anonymous said...

I will tell you a joke that makes fun of whites.

Seems there was this black guy and these two Kentucky rednecks working construction, way up high. A big wind comes alone and blows the black guy off the top and he falls to his death. The police come and are investigating. They ask the two redneck co-workers: What was this man's name? We don't know! Police: Where did he live? Rednecks: We don't know! Police: Does he have any next of kin? Rednecks: We don't know. Police, you mean you worked with this man and yet know nothing about him? OH YEAH, we know one thing! Police: What is that? Rednecks: He has two assholes. P: Two assholes?!? How do you know that? R: Well everyday after work we'd go into this bar and the bartender would say: "Here comes that nigger with them two assholes."

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to chill out. It's a funny picture. Want to make fun of whites? Please do, I'm sure it'll be as funny, if not more.

Anonymous said...

Mind of Mencia= Hispanic Amos and Andy

Wake up!!! Disrespecting and dehumanizing people is not funny!

Anonymous said...

Hey you left out a few more stereotypical things:
1. bottle of cheap wine
2. moon pie and RC cola
3. Nike shoes
4. Kangol cap
5. gold chains..can get quite heavy
6. fuzzy dice
7. should have had him posing holding his crotch..
8. expired naacp membership card
9. food stamps and welfare check
10. white woman begging for more.
Now, "that's" funny!!

Anonymous said...


the only racist jokes allowed nowadays are against white people & the only person benefiting from you inward pointed guilt is you

i did not own a slave nor condone that, you idiot

if you can't post it laugh about it & accept it for what it is, then "you" & people "like you" are racist & your liberal drivel become the pc perception police against anyone whom offends your guilty conscience (yes, you have been brainwashed), this is about you

if both white & black people can laugh at this, then racism truly does not exist anymore, anything else is just ackward isn't it, if the shoe fits..

why keep rubbing everyones nose in it, aparently that is the agenda...right

btw, is it ok to say white people can't dance, i think a movie was named something like that & i never heard a complaint

it's time everybody starts telling you self centered tards to stfu

Anonymous said...

To the person who wrote "the only racist jokes allowed nowadays are against white people & the only person benefiting from you inward pointed guilt is you"

I don't condone racist humor of any kind. It is cheap and not particularly funny.

I am quoting another post:
"You all act like we live in some Utopian world were racism doesn't exist.

The reason men can be dragged behind trucks, while their limbs scattered across the highway or shot 55 times cause they were going for a "gun". Is because black people are dehumanized and stereotyped. Black man=criminal Black woman=whore

That is the world we live in 2007."

You can not compare a blatant "nigga" joke to "white people can't dance".

This images have consequences and history.

Slavery happened Segregation happened
These stereotypes come from those time periods and open old wounds.

I do not expect you to get personally offended but at least look at this from the other side.

ELLERY said...


Anonymous said...

hey "dragged behind trucks"..

yeah, my response to you

the world is a mess, i don't doubt that for a second, i don't suppose it will get much better in our lifetime, humans in general are scum because we have reason & life is what it is, regardless of what culture your from

if you think blacks are dehumanized more than another culture, think LA after dark or new york all day long, it's not white people or anyone else dragging anyone behind a truck, guess who!!

the south, can't say much for the south of the mason, I know democrats (liberals) fought to keep slavery back when Lincoln fought to free them & maybe send 'em home, though thats been corrupted by the media, nascar sightings & is incorrectly perceived today

for the rest of the country, it's about the dollar, i say again "money", honestly, how many black people do you see harassed now, i see them harassing everybody mostly for their own humor & everybody is afraid of offending them, again, what the hell did we do to deserve this

irish folks were harassed by the city of new york a while back, i don't see them intimidating the city from a race card today, why is that

it's one thing to say your race had it hard & it's another to say i will use that against you, think about jewish people today, best of both worlds, huh

the almighty media has convinced you that folks in the past ruined your right to co-exist on this planet with fairness & dignity, sorry mtv doesn't give a f@#k about you, just your money

i have done nothing wrong, why should i worry about what a portion of a combined 300 million decide as their fate, thats like apologizing to the swahili for someone in sing sing for pissing off the wrong judge

& old wounds, yep it's 2007, when will it be time for folks to move on, when the opressed become the opressers? i suppose in another 10,000 years or so, it's a diamond crutch

offense, sorry, a meek tail between the legs existance is not my calling, your choice though

btw, fair is dealing with the ones whom caused the problem, not us, how about you serve a prison sentence for the rest of the slimy human race, i'm ok with that if you care to tuck your tail a bit further

every race has had it hard, there just insn't enough acurately recorded history to make it feel fair

anyone care to join the black caucus, since it's "illegal" to have a white one, sorry no non-blacks allowed

i can respect any race equally, the question is have you earned it

Anonymous said...

nobody noticed but theres a mcdonalds cup laying right there.... so there! its not racist!

besides blacks make fun of whites and apparently its funny and accepted. but if a white person makes fun of blacks, the white person will be needing to apologize to al sharpton and jesse jackson and have a talk with oprah and go to therapy. double standard!

o and im asian so im not biased towards any group.

but ive always been curious... why are caucasian filled cities known as suburbias and black filled cities known as the 'hood' or 'ghettos' or 'projects'... and the crime rate of black populated cities are significantly higher than those of non black cities

so anyway... please post more interesting stuff that we as viewers may discuss.... this is a first on bits n pieces... loving it!

Anonymous said...

Stereotypes have a validity to them and that's the truth people don't want to admit. That's what makes them funny.

Everytime a black person says a white person can't dance, I don't get all up in arms about it... it's true.

Anonymous said...

The McDonald's cup is Orange Drink... black people love orange drink... how do I know? I used to work there and the majority (not all) but the majority bought orange drink... just like the Indians bought McChickens.

Anonymous said...

All of you whining it's onesided... how about all the redneck jokes and stereotypes?

Oh, I see... they act a certain way so they deserve it... yet urban black culture can act a certain way and we have to accept it....

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing trend in your recent posts - racist, sexist; ignorant, really - what happened to you? This was one of my favorite blogs - now off my favorites as well.

Anonymous said...

10 to 1 that the watermelon and kfc was photoshopped in and actually this man is overworked and taking a quick nap.

Anonymous said...

where is the love people. I ask you, where is it?

Anonymous said...

Dumb fucking Nigger.

Anonymous said...

i think u all need to quit ure whining about this pic because its comedy and u don't get pissed off when dave cheppele makes a joke about the projects why cause hes black but all of a sudden dane cook does it and we kick his ass. to that i say wtf is wrong with society? why cant a comic make a joke about black people if he's white? i'm half black and half white and i don't give a shit about racist jokes. why oh idk maybe because there jokes. grow up humans are disgusting things but we have enough problems as it is without getting worked up about racist jokes. so get the sand out or your vaginas and the sticks out of your asses because its a fucking joke.