Thursday, January 12, 2006

I know the Arch. I visited the Arch. The Arch is a friend of mine. Rainbow Bridge, you are no Gateway Arch.


This actually looks pretty cool.

Bridge Concept for New Science Center at Rio Nuevo
The conceptual plan for the University of Arizona Science Center envisions the new facility as a bridge over Interstate 10 and the Santa Cruz River connecting the east and west sides of the Rio Nuevo District. This design incorporates the same amount of square footage as originally proposed for the science center but spreads it out in a dramatic way along a graceful pedestrian bridge between the proposed Civic Plaza on the east side and the Cultural Plaza on the west side.

The University of Arizona Science Center is a dramatic new science-based destination and attraction which physically and conceptually links The University of Arizona and the Tucson community. The Bridge provides a two-way connection between science, technology, engineering, and math and the unique cultures, history, and arts of this community. The activities along the bridge will provide motivation for people to explore it from both east to west and west to east. It will provide a physical connection between the science-based activities on the east and the historical and cultural activities on the west.

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