Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mom gives birth to 14 pound premature baby

Big baby-185It's not often a new mom delivers a 14-pound baby. It's even harder to fathom when the child is born a month premature. But not-so-little Olivia Patrick-Womack of Manteca  California is living proof that not all good things come in small packages.

Olivia is still the talk of the maternity ward at Tracy Sutter Community Hospital where she was born March 22. Now, after 27 days in the San Joaquin General Hospital neo-natal unit, Olivia is finally home with her happy parents.

Womack said doctors decided to deliver the baby when it became clear her daughter was larger than the average delivery. "A week before we had her, the sonogram said she was going to be 11 pounds, nine ounces," Womack said. "The doctor said because she was so big already, they wanted to get her out." Womack said doctors estimated Olivia could have been as big as 16 pounds if she'd stayed for the complete nine months.

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