Saturday, July 29, 2006

Great Dane

Dane-290x270-tig-128A man was out walking his dog. It was a huge brindle colored Great Dane. The man got thirsty and decided to stop at his favorite watering hole for an ice cold refreshing beverage. So he tied up his dog and went inside.

While the man was sitting at the bar sipping a cold one, another man came running into the bar, obviously excited. The second man asked, "Whose Great Dane is that outside?"

The first man said, "He's mine."

The second guy, terribly distraught, said, "I think my chihuahua just killed your dog."

The first man thinking there had been a mistake, said, "My dog is a huge Great Dane. How could your little chihuahua kill my dog?"

The second man said, "It got stuck in his throat."


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