Monday, July 24, 2006

With love, from Israel

With Love from Israel



Ozgur Oncel said...

This is one of the most inhumane photographs of the century. One of those bombs WILL kill another child ... does it matter if that poor victim is israeli, palestinian or lebanese?

matty said...

It is absolutely SICK

Boojie said...

Can't you people read? The dedication is to Hassan Nasralla, head of the Hezbolla, who's been bombing all of our northern cities (including the place I live in) these past two weeks, and who's been promising to wipe out Israel. Half of Israel is currently in bomb shelters.
Israel is not bombing civilians. It's targetting a terror organization which is attacking it UNPROVOKED.
Reading, you know, is good for you.

ozgur said...

Israeli bombs are targeting Lebanon's infrastuctre.. water treatment plants, bridges, roads, homes, buses, etc. You are probably very misinformed by your local press. This is war, and in modern warfare there are more direct or indirect civilian casualties than those of combatants..

In no way am I an advocate of terrorism and the Hezbollah.. but teaching youngster hate and bloodshed will not bring peace to the middle east.

Boojie said...

There's no need to teach them hate. The bombs falling on their homes and killing their families - or threatening to do so - do that well enough.
What's shown in the picture - writing a heartfelt dedication on a bomb to Nasralla - is no more than some catharsis. American children wrote far more horrible messages to and about the Iraqi soldiers during the Iraq war, and their homes weren't even threatened. And I wouldn't go judging them for it.
Yeah, children dislike the people who bomb their homes and threaten their lives, and they wish them dead. Is that news to you?

Anonymous said...

another media disinfo photo

Anonymous said...

the children had been scared by the rockets and had been cooped up in underground shelters for five days and were probably a bit giddy at being outside and at the interest from photographers. An Israeli unit was in the town and some 12 photographers were taking pictures, Goldman was told.

According to the account, some of the parents wrote messages to Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah and then they handed the markers to the children who started drawing Israeli flags on the shells. The photographers, looking for a powerful image, had found one.

Anonymous said...

Boojie, You've been bombing the them for 60 years. They've been bombing you for 60 years.

How many more years will go by before you guys will realize that bombing each other isn't working?

Anonymous said...

Hate culture.