Thursday, September 28, 2006

Best dog

Best Dog



Anonymous said...

OMG who would marry their pets besides you?!?!
that is juss crazy because if you kiss it it would be like kissing some one who juss drank out of the toilet or someone or licks its BUTT eww that is sooo nasty!!
so the next person who would marry their pet need to think about the nasty things dogs do and what they leave behind!! OK?!

Anonymous said...

These people are not having sex with these pets are they? Bestiality I think is against the law (at least in America)if not against scriptures of many faiths including the Christian faith. I know there are fetishes out there that I thought were for people out in left field. But, these people look normal in the photographs. Is it just something fun like how people marry their pets to each other or is it a lonely anti-social issue that people rather join another species than marry a human?