Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gambling superstion Do's and Dont's

Gambling superstitions abound the gaming industry.   None of these has been proven accurate, but they’re still heavily believed.


  • Wear red, especially underwear (originally a Chinese superstition, but now widely recognized).

  • Check into a room with 8 in the number.

  • Stack your chips neatly.

  • Sit on a handkerchief.

  • Carry a snake's tooth.

  • Sit astride your chair.

  • Switch on all the lights at home before you go out to gamble. (At least you're less likely to get burgled, but luckier at the tables?)

  • Keep a horny-toad toenail on your person. (First catch your horny toad.)

  • Gamble with borrowed money. (Hmm, doesn't sound like such a good strategy to us)

  • For crap players: Blow on the dice to breathe life into them/seal in the good luck during a winning streak; give the dice to a woman who's never rolled them before; or rub them on the head of a redhead.

  • For slots: Wait until someone gets up from a machine that hasn't paid out in a long time and play that one, as it's now "due" to hit; play a coin with a hole in it to change your luck.

  • For women, gamble while you have your period.
  • For men, stay away from sex and females.

  • If you're Filipino, bring your wife to the game if she's pregnant, or they let a pregnant women play for you.

  • If you're Chinese, stay away from monks and nuns before gambling.

  • Change machine/dice/cards if things aren't going your way.


  • Wish a player good luck.

  • Lend money while gambling.

  • Pick up cards with your left hand.

  • In poker: Count your chips/money at the table; or allow anyone to look over your shoulder; or sit at the #10 seat; or drop a card during a game.

  • In craps: Play at an empty ("cold") table, or say -- or even think -- the word "seven"; or allow a male who's never rolled the dice before to roll; or allow the dice to roll off the table; or speak to or touch someone who's having a good roll.

  • In blackjack: Cut the deck (or you might get blamed for a "bad shoe"); or look at your double-down card (although for some people, to look is lucky),

  • Let dogs anywhere near a gambling table.

  • Touch someone's shoulder while he/she is gambling.

  • Enter a casino through the main door.

  • Talk about books around Chinese gamblers (the word "book" sounds like the word "lose").



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Anonymous said...

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