Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rain Delay

Bike napSix of us went on a motorcycle excursion today.   We were headed to a BBQ restaurant that is built inside a cave ( Caveman BBQ & Steakhouse) on the side of a cliff in Richland MO.  It’s about 3–4 hours southwest of St. Louis (by backroads).  We ran into rain about half way there.  Luckily we happened upon a carport out in the middle of nowhere on Highway 8.   We spent about an hour and a half waiting for the “slight chance of an afternoon shower” to stop.. or at least slow down. 

This is me trying to get comfortable without jut laying on the ground while we waited.    The rain slowed a bit, but never stopped, so we got on the bikes and rode on.  

We decided not to risk the second half of our adventure and turned back towards St. Louis.  We stopped in Cuba MO at another BBQ place called the Missouri Hick Bar-B-Que Restaurant on old Route 66 for dinner.   Then headed on home.

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bitscared said...

It's great to see a picture of you! Same about the crap weather.