Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Adventures of Mr. Fly

Mr fly

A guy with too much time on his hands has come up with some interesting photos of a fly who is just trying to support his 173 wives and 2,184 kids.  

Some sidenotes:  The fly is not dead, and the pictures are not Photoshoped.

More from this series.



Miss Cellania said...

How do you know the fly isn't dead?

Anonymous said...

You know the fly isn't dead by what the site says. Click the "more from this..." link and you'll see the other photos.

Little known fact: you can catch a fly and chill it in a freezer and it'll stay alive but can't move. I imagine that's what the photographer did. It's an old magic trick to freeze a fly then put him in the palm of your hand and make people think you resurrect him.

Miss Cellania said...

The site says the author and the fly had an argument, and he put him on a diet. It says nothing about Photoshop or how the pictures were made.

Jonco said...

Under each of the pictures there is a comment about the picture. Some of the flies are alive and some dead. I saw one comment that the vignette was Hhotoshopped. But this guy apparently took the time to create the props used in these photos.
Thanks for reading and commenting.

Jonco said...

That should be spelled "Photoshopped".


lothar of the hill people said...

All I know is, Mr. Fly better watch himself. Spider'Man's lurking in the tree above him!