Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Off to Florida for a couple of days....

AirplaneI’m off for a couple of days to visit my aunt in Florida.   I’ll try to post while there.  I should return home Thursday night.

Picture at right from my second all-time favorite movie  “Airplane”.


steve said...

what's your 1st all-time favorite?

The Man said...

Do you actually own a home in St. Louis it seems like you are always on the road.
You must be flying this time to be back on Thursday.
Good thing your computer is a lap top, you must have a wireless Internet card.

John Salisbury said...

I'm thinking "to visit my aunt" might be a euphemism for something else; who actually visits an aunt as often as you do?

Jonco said...

To answer a few questions.....
*** I do own a home in St. Louis.

*** I did fly down here

*** Flew her to visit with my 92 (and soon to be 93) year old aunt... who is doing pretty darn good for 93, if I must say so.
My aunt was always good to me and good to my mom (her sister) when she was dying a few years back (12 to be exact). Besides, I'm in charge of her financial affairs while she's still kicking.
I try to visit her every month or so.
*** I ave been doing quite a bit of traveling recently. I assume most of that is over except for the short visits down here.

The Man said...

That's good that you take time for family especially long distant, something you don’t hear about any more now days.
Family to me is important and now days there are too many people out for themselves.