Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sun Jar

 Sun jarCollecting sunshine sounds like something a Bond villain might do on his day off, but it's actually something the charming little Sun Jar does every day. That's because this traditional-looking frosted glass container houses a solar cell, battery and LED lights.

The idea is to leave the Sun Jar near a window or under some decent artificial light so that it can collect energy throughout the day. Then when darkness falls it provides a warm, ambient glow. Clever eh?

 This ingenious marriage of modern technology and good old-fashioned styling has been created by hot avant-garde designer Tobi Wong, and we reckon it's a classic in the making. After all, up-to-the-minute styling is fine and dandy, but sometimes it's nice to stare at something that doesn't look like it's fallen off the back of the Starship Enterprise. Besides, messing around with jars and candles is a real rigmarole.

 Ideal for tightwads who hate forking out on batteries/electricity bills, and (sun) spot-on for the ecologists amongst you, the Sun Jar has countless uses around the home. And because it lacks the dazzling gleam of an electric light, it's perfect as a gentle bedside lamp or a mood light at parties.

$29.95 here


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