Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Doctors remove 11 cm worm from lady's eye

EyewormDoctors at a clinic in central Serbia, have removed an 11 centimeter-long intestinal worm from a woman's eye socket.  According to preliminary results, the worm taken from the 37-year-old patient's eye belongs to the Ascaris family, a common intestinal parasite in pigs that is also found in humans.

No similar case has ever been recorded in Serbia and probably in Europe, Radomir Stojicevic, a doctor at the Kragujevac clinic, told the Tanjug news agency.

The parasite had probably travelled through the patient's blood from the digestive tract into the eye socket, doctors at the clinic believe.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, that is a bot fly larva. You get it from a bot fly (of course). Google it (a new phrase! "Google it"!) and you will find everything about it.

Anonymous said...

yep, its a botfly larva, and it wasnt from a 37 year old lady from werever the hell, it was from a 5 year old kid from honduras.